• Are Z Tags taggers compatible with other tags in the market?

    No, Z Tags applicators are exclusively designed to apply tags from Z Tags only.

  • What is the difference between RFID HDX and FDX tags?

    HDX (Half Duplex)

    HDX talks to the reader like a 2 way radio, the reader sends out a signal then the tag replies

    Several dairy sheds systems are HDX only which makes this type of technology the most popular choice within dairy farmers.

    Some older cattle crushes with a lot of metal noise are better suited to HDX

    FDX (Full Duplex)

    FDX is like a phone conversation; as soon as the tag receives the reader signal both tag and reader talk simultaneously.

    FDX is ideally suited to most sheep and beef environments
    FDX is also suited to most deer shed environments

  • What's RFID?

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it is also referred to as Electronic Identification (EID).

    An RFID ear tag carries a unique electronic identification number and allows animals to be electronically recognised and data stored automatically about each animal.

    On farm, an RFID system consists of:

    • Tags: house the transponder that hold and sends the identification information
    • Readers: energises the transponder of the tag and receives identification information
    • Data Collectors: stores the identification information
    • Data Processors: uses the information and provides outputs of data.

    RFID tags are available in two technologies, Half Duplex (HDX) and Full Duplex (FXD)

  • What taggers do I use for the different tags offered by Z Tags?

    Every tag on this website shows its compatible tagger. Simply click on the 'Tagger Compatibility' tab on the tag product page.


  • When should I use RFID FDX tags?

    FDX RFID tags are suited for use with RFID wands.
    FDX performance varies with different types of panel readers; therefore it is important to get expert advice as to which reader to install.

    • Non-noisy environments such as wooden deer yards
    • Narrow races with a panel reader like a sheep race
    • Sheep weigh crates
  • When should I use RFID HDX tags?

    HDX RFID tags are suited for use with RFID wands

    • HDX performs with most types of panel readers
    • In sheep weigh crates
    • In automated dairy or beef systems
    • When using a panel reader for cattle, sheep & deer
    • In a noisy and high metal environment like dairy sheds